Nordic Leaders Circle 2023 - The CFO’s Guide to Elite Finance Automation

8.6.2023 10:00


The CFO’s Guide to Elite Finance Automation

The role of the CFO has changed plenty over the years. From what used to be a data-crunching position, stewarding the ins and outs of accounting and finance functions is now expanding to include talent acquisition and retention, strategic planning, and other non-financial responsibilities.

This expanded role in addition to the current economic state of inflation, supply chain volatility, price instabilities, and global recessions equals a lot of extra pressure for CFOs. In this roundtable, we will explore the different ways elite automation in Finance can positively affect productivity and solve many of the problems CFOs face in today’s climate.

The Nordic Countries are solid and prepared for the future!

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Starts:   8.6.2023 10:00
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